We utilize a wide range of non-intrusive marketing-techniques that guarantee a quick find of your website by potential clients and users so they can get to know your products and services. It is all about a compelling value proposition that will attract clients. The key to this is the delivery of high-value content – and we at Zink are experts when it comes to that! We are certified, and we develop a holistic strategy that combines SEO techniques, blogs, contents for social networks, the generation of leads, web analysis… and always conducted according to a clearly structured procedure.


No matter if we solely take care of your social networks or if you allow us to work on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for you, which means we would analyze the conversion and monitor the variables relevant to your business, we always approach your social networks with a creative mind, technical know-how, and tactical finesse.

Online PR is all about influencing others. Some of the best practices in this area are: Reputation Management (through alerts, tracking performance of campaigns, generating “Brand Buzz”…), viral marketing, verbal propaganda, and Influencer-Marketing.


We do not consider ourselves to be a standard SEO and/or SEM agency, even though we do apply these instruments to our inbound campaigns or comprehensive digital marketing strategies. But just attracting attention is not enough for us; we work towards a conversion, continue our support until the completion of the sale, and implement strategies regarding customer retention.


For those of us who have been working in the marketing field – and especially in the digital marketing sector – for a considerable amount of time, we know that the content is King. We always advise developing contents strategically, paying lots of attention to detail, ingenuity, creativity, fresh ideas and value for the readers. This is a simple, basic idea and also a treasure we would like to share with you today.


With digital marketing you can either invest in Display Advertising, or you can decide to run advertising campaigns in search engines (their advertising activities are usually processed through actions in the search engine Marketing (SEM)). The display advertising normally appears (as a banner format) on websites and social media.

As an agency with an inbound department we are not overly excited about the intrusive advertisement formats; we prefer the discipline of “advertising” in social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… all of these are great places to communicate with and send interesting messages to our audience.


In collaboration with our clients we see to it that sound media advising is being developed with the goal to improve ROI as well as the image and the memory of the brand. From press releases to speech reports and press invitations to institutional relations and crisis management. We hold firm to the words of the great John Ruskin, “Quality is never a coincidence. It is always the product of an intelligent effort.”


We understand that organizing an important PR event is a daunting task that requires a great deal of planning, vision (or  anticipation), leadership competence, and discipline.  We have a dedicated and ready-to-go team that organizes events, courses, presentations, and big parties on a monthly – sometimes even on a weekly – basis.

We have participated in events attended by outstanding individuals in cultural or public spheres (like leading politicians and representatives of the Spanish Royal Family (Queen Letizia)), influential business persons (like Ana Botín, president of Banco Santander), as well as important public figures of today’s society like the presidents of the autonomous regions, celebrities, bloggers, influencers…


From media briefings to the selection, sale and negotiation of such, help us achieve the media coverage, media interest, affinity, optimisation and results we aim for. Additionally, we have a strong cooperation agreement with major Spanish and international media allowing us to implement the most cutting-edge techniques, tools and matrix so you are free to use whichever campaign you feel suits your needs the most.


The communication plan has to be a useful, simple, effective, and applicable instrument with set objectives and a clearly defined, progressive time frame for your company. Our team develops plans for internal communication (e.g., the relocation of headquarters for the company  Endesa), external communication, and recently we have developed several more specific communication plans for digital channels and strategies.


Nowadays, institutional relations, which include functions like communication, protocol, organization, and event management, play an indispensable role in every organization: a stable and continuous relationship to other organizations, groups, and institutions – directly and positively formed – that already influences your field of activity or could do so in the future. We help you to come up with and also successfully implement your plans in this specific discipline.


We successfully implement projects regarding website development that are customised for our clients. We perform fast, simple operations with templates (e.g., WordPress) or complex developments using our own reservation systems, CMS, CRM, etc. Our responsibility and work starts with strategic planning at the beginning of each project and continues with non-stop, systematic monitoring to meet the demanding time frames set by our projects.


We design in a future-oriented way and in formats that make sense in light of the current status quo. We are seasoned experts and “creative explorers”, and we want to do everything we can to find a solution to even the biggest challenges. We offer you: the development of trademark books, brand architecture, naming and verbal identity, identity and design.


Books, magazines, catalogs, printed  material… as trendsetters and innovators in design it is our goal to establish unity between the text, the picture and the graphic, which should express the message crearly, an aesthetic value of their own and promote the commercial success of your publication


Photography, video, sound, animation in the very format and with the necessary care and aesthetics that best conveys your message.


Packaging, labels, merchandising. We design all types of graphic products you might need for your advertising campaigns.


The design of stands and rooms for professional and social events: Fitur, technical fairs, gastronomy trade fairs, public festivals, street marketing, special events… years of experience, specialized partners and dozens of projects vouch for our excellence.