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Every social media content strategy has a fundamental purpose: to create brand lovers. A brand lover is a consumer who feels a deep emotional connection with a brand, showing total loyalty. At Zink Marketing, we explain how you can achieve this. 

What is the 3H Model? 

The 3H model is designed to target all users in the funnel, from those who do not know the brand to those who follow it closely.  

1. Hero Content: Creating Brand Awareness 

As mentioned in the image above, hero content targets those who are unaware of the brand and turns them into users through inspiring and entertaining content. The main objective is to create brand awareness. A good example of hero content is the LEGO movie, as it doesn’t directly sell a toy but rather a memorable experience. 

2. Hub Content: Fostering Engagement 

Hub content targets consumers who know about the brand but do not follow it, turning them into followers. The main objective is to create engagement and loyalty. A good example of hub content is campaigns that encourage users to share their experiences. A notable example is the hashtag #GoPro, where users of the brand share experiences that have been captured on these well-known cameras, showing the world how their own experiences could also be immortalized. 

3. Help Content: Addressing Pain Points 

Help content is aimed at those who already follow the brand, with the primary objective of addressing their pain points through content. Therefore, it must be relevant and informative about the brand, sector, and/or product. A good example of help content would be infographics or statistical results about the sector. 

Content Planning: Frequency and Focus 

If you are wondering how much time you should dedicate to each type of content, you need to consider your objective, budget, and time limit. Typically, hero content is the least common due to the time and investment needed, while hub and help content are much more frequent. 

Implementing the 3H content strategy in your digital marketing campaigns can transform consumers’ relationships with your brand, creating loyal and committed brand lovers. At Zink Marketing, we are here to help you design and execute an effective and successful content strategy.