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Companies on TikTok: Three success stories

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks, boasting a vast and rapidly expanding user base. March alone counted 1.582 million monthly users and it is estimated that advertisements on this platform reach 19.3% of the world’s population. Although most people think of TikTok as a platform mainly made up of the individual profiles of content creators or influencers, at Zinkmarketing we know the potential of TikTok to promote companies. To prove it, we will here explain the success stories of three large companies with different business models that have succeeded on this social network and have therefore benefited from the results. 


Duolingo is a mobile application for learning languages. Their logo is a green owl, which they bring to life and transform into a mascot in their TikTok videos. Exactly one year ago, they had 6.6 million followers and ended 2023 with 83 million monthly active users and 5.8 million paying subscribers (a 57% increase from 2022). If we take into account that, as of today, they have 11.8 million followers on the platform, almost double that from last year, we can also expect a further huge growth in Duolingo’s users, which will be represented in their financial results. 

Scrub Daddy 

This company started out by selling a revolutionary dishwashing sponge. This scrubbing pad, that is an adorable smile shape, does not scratch pans and has FlexTexture technology. This means that the sponge adapts depending on the temperature of the water. If you wet it with cold water its texture hardens and with hot water it softens. Currently, they have 800,000 more followers than last year, reaching 4 million. It is worth noting that in 2022, Scrub Daddy collaborated with Duolingo on TikTok, turning its famous scrubbing pad into a mascot as Duolingo had done with its owl. That same year, their bottom line was close to $100 million in profits. In 2023, they ended the year with a profit of $220 million, an increase of $120 million over the previous year. 


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The Savannah Bananas 

To give you some context, The Savannah Bananas is a baseball team located in the United States. The owner of the team was trying to enliven games to improve the fan experience. The problem was that they were restricted by having to follow the traditional rules of baseball in the Coastal Plain League. So, they created Banana Ball, a new “league” in which two baseball teams, The Savannah Bananas and The Party Animals, compete. 

In this league, fans can participate in the game in a variety of ways. But where TikTok has helped is with the half-time shows. The players themselves choreograph interactions with the fans. These videos have reached so many people that they now have 8.5 million followers on TikTok and have gone so viral that they have left the Coastal Plain League altogether to tour Banana Ball. 

All these companies use TikTok to make original and unique content and make good use of the choice of trending music or hashtags related to their activity, making better connections with their target audience. In addition, from these profiles they can interact with their followers, thus humanising the brand, increasing trust and creating a community. Have you any thoughts about growing with TikTok? 


The Savannah Bananas

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