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Every social media content strategy has a fundamental purpose: to create brand lovers. A brand lover is a consumer who feels a deep emotional connection with a brand, showing total loyalty. At Zink Marketing, we explain how you can achieve this.  What is the 3H

Companies on TikTok: Three success stories

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social networks, boasting a vast and rapidly expanding user base. March alone counted 1.582 million monthly users and it is estimated that advertisements on this platform reach 19.3% of the world’s population. Although most people think of TikTok as

Sensory marketing or how to connect through the senses 

In a constantly evolving environment such as the world of marketing, companies look for innovative ways to connect with their customers, and one of these new ways is sensory marketing. This area of marketing is based on connecting with customers through the senses to establish

Digital marketing and social media: trends 2024 

In a constantly evolving sector such as digital marketing and social media, each new year presents a challenge filled with changes that directly impact the results and strategies of brands and companies.  At Zink Marketing, we believe it’s important to stay one step ahead and

Person highlighting ideas in front of a computer with cell phone and pens on the table.

The ABCs of Digital Marketing

Jargon Decoding Common Digital Marketing Are you marketing-savvy enough to keep pace with today’s dynamic landscape? In a world where every click and interaction counts, having a firm grasp of key marketing terms is like wielding a powerful tool. These terms are the secret sauce

Marketing Generacion Z

Gen-Z Marketing

The true digital natives On a social scale, each generation creates an identity and behaviours totally different from its predecessor, and Generation Z, born between 1997 and 2012, is no different. The increasing differences between the millennials and they have fueled the creation of much