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The Top Three Social Media Marketing Trends in 2024, According to the Hootsuite Report

The dynamics in social networks have already become a fundamental part of the digital ecosystem of the platforms. In this context, Hootsuite has released its 2024 Social Trends Report, revealing insightful percentages.

But what is Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a comprehensive social media management tool. It allows you to schedule, post, and track performance across all your social networks from a single dashboard.

Therefore, today on the Zink Marketing blog, we are going to break down the percentages and draw conclusions from Hootsuite’s 2024 Social Trends Report.

Let’s talk about the main trends of 2024…

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has consolidated itself as an omnipresent tool, transforming the way we interact with the information and content that surrounds us. But the fascinating aspect of all this lies not only in its ubiquity but in the duality it presents in the content world.

While 62% of consumers express some distrust towards content created by AI, companies, on the other hand, have embraced this technology to optimize their processes, from text editing to generating new ideas.

This distrust is largely fuelled by the perception that AI lacks the authenticity and emotional connection that only a human being can provide.

Companies, on the other hand, are adopting AI in leaps and bounds to lighten the workload and boost efficiency in various areas. The data reveals that 86% of companies use AI to edit texts, while 85% rely on it for the creation of advertising texts. Even in stimulating creativity, 82% trust in AI’s ability to generate new ideas.

In this dilemma, the key lies in balancing AI efficiency with human authenticity. Although Artificial Intelligence can be an ally in optimizing processes, the authenticity and closeness that underpin the connection between brand and consumer should never be lost sight of.

The art of selecting the social network that suits you best

Having a profile on a social network just because it’s a trend or because other brands do it has never been a truly convincing reason, and according to Hootsuite’s study, now more than ever this justification lacks weight.

Therefore, looking ahead to 2024, companies will leave behind the practice of remaining present on all social media platforms, focusing on those platforms where they obtain the highest performance according to ROI (return on investment).

58% of professionals indicate that it is difficult to keep up with all social networks.

According to the Hootsuite report, these are the percentages of the main social networks, taking into account the ROI, which companies may consider more for continuing their activity:

LinkedIn, with a positive return on investment of 70%

Instagram with 68%

WhatsApp with 66%

That said, the real key lies in understanding the objectives and identifying where the target audience is. From this understanding, the most effective strategy is to focus on the social networks that best align with the identity and goals of your brand.

Entertaining is the key

Regarding the type of content that usually has the best results for brands, the Hootsuite report highlights the importance of betting on entertainment to boost results.

56% of consumers suggest that brands should be more approachable on social media.

The main reason why users consume social media is to seek entertainment and disconnect.

However, despite this preference, it is observed that about half of the brands continue to focus on product communication.

The report also reveals that 34% of consumers say self-promotion is one of the main reasons they reject brands on social media.

This does not necessarily imply abandoning this strategy, but rather indicates that the weight of the strategy should not rely solely on it.

Therefore, we can see that there is a great disconnect between what brands post and what their audience wants to see. Adapting to the preference for entertainment and moderating self-promotion are key to building a more effective connection with the audience.

In this post, we have carefully analyzed the percentages revealed in Hootsuite’s 2024 Social Trends Report and have drawn conclusions so that you can take them into account and use them to your advantage. And if you need help implementing them, and you want to trust an agency whose main goal is to grow your business, contact us and we will study your case.