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20 digital marketing problems that we solve in Zink Marketing

Winning and maintaining clients through content marketing, social media, and digital experience. And this task is now more difficult than ever, for two reasons:

First, constantly evolving technology makes most strategies and plans that are more than 6 months old obsolete.

Second, the expectations of customers and prospects are getting higher and higher. What was innovative, useful and fun two years ago is simply mainstream today.

At Zink Marketing, we use our years of experience in continuous evolution, working with major brands to help solve their marketing and customer experience problems, to be able to solve and improve any project that comes into our hands. Would you like to know more?

While we customize each field of work to meet the unique needs of each stakeholder, much of our work focuses on addressing and solving problems such as these:

  1. Do you continue to invest in content, but don’t get a return on investment?
  2. Have your social media plans failed to generate meaningful engagement and other desirable customers/prospect behaviors?
  3. Do you know you need to balance organic and paid social media, but don’t know what ratio and budgets are optimal?
  4. As content evolves to audio/video, you’re not sure what kind of resources or flowchart you need to execute successfully?
  5. Are there success metrics used to measure content, social media and digital communications not sufficiently reflective of actual business results?
  6. Do you think marketing plans are too broad and vague, but you’re not sure how to increase relevance by targeting specific customers and needs?
  7. The customer loss is higher than desirable, and you’re not sure which customer experience interactions to address to slow the abandonment rate?
  8. Customers expect to interact instantly with your organization on any online channel, and you’re not sure how, where or when to turn to, monitor or respond? Do you have to be always connected?
  9. You are not sure how to launch an initiative in messaging/conversational marketing, chatbots and/or voice-activated content?
  10. Do your results of e-mail marketing continue to fade? Why?
  11. Do you know that your digital plan needs a general review, but you don’t know what the right priorities and actions should be?
  12. Are your competitors outperforming you in digital and/or customer experience? Should you mimic what they are doing? How?
  13. Your client digital experience is not differentiated enough to produce proactive word of mouth. How can you fix it?
  14. Do you want to increase your category leadership and top of mind by starting with research? How do you get started?
  15. Do you want to improve your team in social / content / digital and need a workshop or training to do so?
  16. Do you think planned content with a good strategy will increase engagement, but you’re not sure what your “plans” should be or how to create them?
  17. The influencers can be an effective method to increase engagement, but you’re not sure how to identify and “manage” the right influencers in your segment?
  18. You know your industry, customers and strategies very well, but you can’t find the time to monitor metrics and innovate at the pace of the digital world?

Our clients and success stories speak for themselves. May we help you?