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Using Graphic design as a means of communication

In an increasingly visual society, image and graphic design have become fundamental in creating a successful marketing strategy. 

We all know the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in today’s marketing world this phrase couldn’t be more true.   

We associate most the companies we know with an image, an icon or a colour. Like the apple, symbol from Apple, the bright red from Coca Cola or the golden arches from McDonald’s. But it’s not only companies that use this kind of symbolism. Social movements and political parties also have an icon or colour associated with them too. Such as the lilac colour of the feminist movement, the colour green which represents sustainability or the rainbow flag to mark pride month. These colours are not chosen randomly. All this symbology has been previously studied so that they choose the right message to be remembered by.  

How graphic design can help your marketing strategy 

Many companies are known not only for what they say, but also by how they say it. In the digital age and with the empowerment of social networks, everything is stored until the end of time on the Internet. Society has become more visual and image has become more important than text. That’s why companies are including graphic design in their marketing strategies more than ever as a way to differentiate themselves and strengthen their position with their competitors.  

Graphic design is a way of communicating as it has the ability to inform, attract the customer’s attention and send out a visual message. A good design can not only attract the attention of your target audience, but it can also make your message last and be remembered.  

Objectives of graphic design 

The main purpose of graphic design is to send out a message which should be remembered such as the launch of a new product, the creation of a new brand or a change in company strategy. Using an attractive and ground-breaking image, the company can send its message out whilst staying in the consumers’ head.  

The communication used in graphic design is a combination of image and text, but purely visual communication. The message is transmitted by means of images and words. And, many times, these images are capable of transmitting messages that text alone wouldn’t be able to.  

Over the last year, we have seen how graphic design has taken over our daily lives. How public administrations, for example, have used attractive designs to communicate figures, regulations and restrictions in a more visual way, to reach the entire population and especially the young ones. All in order to get that message across and to be remembered. 

Do you use graphic design in your company’s communication strategy? We would love to hear how in the comments section below!