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Digital marketing and social media: trends 2024 

In a constantly evolving sector such as digital marketing and social media, each new year presents a challenge filled with changes that directly impact the results and strategies of brands and companies. 

At Zink Marketing, we believe it’s important to stay one step ahead and anticipate the trends that will shape our industry in 2024. Although everything indicates that 2024 will be a year with few significant changes, keep reading to discover the key trends you should pay attention to this year. 

Artificial Intelligence and diginfluencers 

Once again, AI (artificial intelligence) continues to be one of the main trends in digital marketing, as these types of tools enable brands and companies to enhance their strategies by automating tasks, personalizing the user experience, and obtaining audience insights. In this sense, AI is capable of predicting consumer behaviour by analysing data trends, allowing marketing specialists to anticipate market changes and adapt to changing consumer needs. 

Related to AI, one of the new trends of 2024 emerges, diginfluencers. In this case, these are influencers or advocates created by AI who have the ability to generate quality content (photos, videos, publications, etc.) and engage with their audience. 

Content marketing: influencers vs users 

Content marketing continues to be a prominent trend in the realm of digital marketing, but as we approach 2024, some changes are emerging that not only impact the type of content but also the individuals producing it. 

Video content, partly thanks to platforms like TikTok, continues to be one of the dominant forms, but there is a shift in consumption preferences towards the so-called long (extensive content); blog articles, studies, guides, books, etc. In both cases (video and text content) the content must be of high quality and relevant and attractive to the audience. 

In this area, micro and nano influencers are especially important, with smaller but highly specific audiences that offer greater commitment and interaction with their audience, with whom they share interests.  

And compared to influencers, users are positioned as content creators. This trend stands out by encouraging customers to share their experiences and recommend the brand, fostering genuine interaction. 

Personalization: customer service and online reputation 

One of the trends that will stand out in the field of the relationship between brands and their customers is personalization, but not only when it comes to offering recommendations or creating shopping experiences. Personalization, in this case, also focuses on customer care. In this context, social networks emerge as channels for customer service to address their needs, doubts, or suggestions. 

Using social networks to relate to customers means demonstrating efficiency and empathy with them, responding to their reviews, comments or problems in real time through the social platforms that customers know and use. This form of interaction allows for an improved relationship with customers, as well as enhancing the reputation of the brand itself. 

In addition to communication via social networks, email marketing continues to be an essential tool to maintain solid and lasting relationships with your clients. This direct and personalized tool allows you to maintain fluid communication with customers, while always keeping in mind the need for a personalization strategy where quality content and segmentation are key. 

Growth partnership 

From the perspective of the client-agency relationship, the trend of agencies working for an extremely competitive fee but sharing client profits through a “success fee” continues to solidify. Therefore, the agency will focus on lead generation, nurturing, and automation will continue to be a key trend to obtain these successful results. 

Every day the need to accelerate processes grows and this tool is the only one that has made it possible in all areas of marketing. 

In this post, we have summarized some of the main trends for 2024 so that you can take them into account and apply the ones that best fit your digital strategy. And if you need help implementing them and want to trust an agency whose main objective is to grow your business, contact us, and we will study your case. 


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