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Balearic Yacht Show: The first virtual yacht show in the Balearic Islands

Throughout 2020 we have seen many changes in the nautical industry as it has evolved and adapted to comply with the changes in the market. The Balearic Islands are a top player in the marine industry with a broad range of professionalised businesses in a prime location in the centre of the Mediterranean.  

How was Balearic Yacht Show born? 

New technologies have allowed the Balearic marine industry to reach new heights and open up to both international and national markets. The Balearic Yacht Show is a new virtual yacht experience connecting the Balearic Islands with visitors from all over the world, without limitations. The show will be hosted on a new platform; Balearic Marine which is a hub for information, events and news on the nautical industry in The Balearic Islands. This platform will be live for 365 days of the year and launched prior to the main event. Meaning conferences and content will still be accessible after the Balearic Yacht Show has taken place.  

The Balearic Yacht Show will take place on the 18th, 19th and 20th of November 2020 and available to anyone with an internet connection. There will also be some smaller pre-events in the weeks leading to the main show assist with the launch the Balearic Marine platform.
The project was initiated by the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca, Balearic Marine Cluster, and all the leading nautical associations from the Balearics. Aiming to position the islands as a nautical destination of reference and a solution to the recent difficulties in attending events, fairs and conferences. 

Who is attending Balearic Yacht Show? 

We are expecting to see a broad range of visitors including captains, yacht enthusiasts and industry professionals, as well as locals passionate about the Balearic Islands. 

The exhibitors range from small boats to superyachts and services, refit, charter, marinas and more. Exhibitors will be able to open up to a much bigger market, show their products with new technology, improve their digital strategy, save on operational costs and of course promote their business in a much more sustainable way than would be possible at a physical event.  

Over the 3 days of the main show, there will be a combination of conferences including boat tours, industry workshops, live competitions, destination broadcasts and networking events.