Starlite Marbella, the most VIP Festival of the summer: Management of RRSS

It is the social and cultural meeting of reference in Europe and, since 2016 also in Latin America.

In Spain, it already reaches its sixth edition by the top in the quarry of Marbella, a natural amphitheater surrounded by vegetation. Each summer, the public attends for a month, the event to which many famous artists come.

Starlite Marbella and Starlite Nights

During the first months of this new season 2016-2017, ZINK is in charge of launching campaigns, both in Starlite Marbella and Starlite Nights, in RRSS, in addition to the management of these. We have already launched the campaign for the concert of Sir Elton John and soon many more news!


Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GOOGLE +, Pinterest and the launch of the Christmas campaigns are the goal of these months of fruitful work.

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