Olazábal & Nadal Invitational Golf Tournament Sponsorship

Sponsorship management for Grohe at a renowned golf tournament in Mallorca

Last November we managed the corporate presence of Grohe in an exclusive golf tournament in Mallorca organized by Rafa Nadal and José María Olazábal.

It is a solidarity tournament in which funds are raised to combat trafficking in human beings and to help the disadvantaged in society, especially children in situations of social exclusion.

The event also included, among others, Carlota Ciganda, winner in a single month of two tournaments of LPGA Tour and the mythical Angel Jiménez, with 4 Ryder Cup behind them and 20 titles in professional championships.

As Grohe’s Marketing Partner, we organize your corporate presence at the event. The main assembly was in the central tent, a stand was set up where diners could taste delicious teas thanks to the installation of Grohe Red. We share space in the buffet with prestigious cooks such as Macarena de Castro or Santi Taura.



When organizing events for our clients, our main objective is to maximize their presence and / or investment according to the marked annual strategic plan. For this it is necessary to make a check list of the main elements that you can not forget when planning your brand presence in an event, in this case in Mallorca:

  • Plan the visibility of the brand of our client, in this case Grohe, in zones of passage and strategic points. Do not forget to previously review the route / s and the points of greatest inflow / visibility.
  • Ensure a strategic placement of the client’s promotional material. This is a very important aspect from the point of view of publicity / public relations, as happened in this event, as Rafa Nadal took a catalog of Grohe.
  • Train and coordinate the staff (hostesses and sales staff) to give an excellent information service and product demonstration to attendees of the event.
  • Organization of a relevant exclusive activity of the brand during the event to gain more visibility and protagonism. In this case, our delegate gave the Special Grohe Award to the player who brought the ball closer to the 18th hole. The protagonists of the event delivered a special Grohe product.
  • Finally there are issues of negotiation, lead capture and follow up that we can not share with all of you. They are confidential but have been worked with great tenacity, professionalism and a lot of strategy! Do not forget them!
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