Web Design of a Tourist Attraction and Institution: Large Volume of Structured Content


The Internet has undoubtedly become the best showcase for a company. And, as in any showcase, aesthetics and functionality play a primordial role. Web pages are, in many cases, the first contact that people have with a brand. That is why it is very important that your website speaks about you, your brand, your services and communicate clearly what you want to convey to your target audience.

Aware of this reality, Catedral de Mallorca contacted us a few months ago to remodel its website. The cabildo had an obsolete and not functional website, which did not reflect the current image of the institution. They wanted a website that would collect and offer a lot of information to the users in a clear, attractive and well-structured way, showing everything that represents the Cathedral of Mallorca, the most visited monument of all the islands.

And, after an intense research, conceptualization, design and programming, Mallorca Cathedral today has a visually attractive, simple and useful web page that conveys the essence of this outstanding institution. To do this, we have made the most of all the tools we had within our reach and the design to make the website accessible, effective and pleasant with high quality content and well positioned for search engines in multiple languages.

These are the 5 most important “trend” aspects of the new website of the Cathedral of Mallorca:

  • Hero images: on the home page the images occupy the entire width of the page and top menu.
  • Scroll down in the home: to offer all the most important information on the same page.
  • Drop-down menus: with information perfectly structured to facilitate the navigation of users.
  • Direct ticket sales online: to visit the Cathedral and the Museum. Also soon we will launch the Online Sale of Terraces Visit and the sales platform for groups and agencies.
  • Integration of social networks: to facilitate engagement and interaction, and because the Inbound strategy in its loyalty phase has been contemplated in the conceptualization of it.


In this case, as in most projects, success is conditioned by the correct study of the demands and needs of the client. Until the institution has not been completely satisfied with all aspects of its website, we have not ceased to work and improve. Only in this way is it possible to offer an optimal proposal that is able to capture the attention of Internet users and offer a satisfactory experience for both users and owners. Thanks for this nice experience!


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