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Emotional Marketing: How To Do it Right

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Nowadays we are so saturated with information and marketing campaigns, emotional marketing has taken a step forward. Emotional Marketing strategies are used by companies with the objective to create an impact and generate emotions for the spectator. 

If you want to learn more about these marketing strategies and discover some of the most well-known campaigns stay tuned to find out more.  

What is emotional marketing? 

Emotional marketing attempts to connect with the consumer’s emotions to help them identify with the brand and feel as if it was their own. 

On many occasions, these strategies are used by brands to encourage customer loyalty. This is why companies resort to creating stories that manage to provoke emotions in the consumer. 

Emotional marketing tries to create a connection with the consumer and generate emotions through its campaigns. 

Why use emotional marketing? 

The advantages of using these types of strategies are: 

  • Reinforcing the relationship with the client, meaning, if the campaign manages to reach the spectator’s emotions, a strong connection will be established with the consumer. 
  • Due to the emotional component of these types of campaigns, they usually stick in the consumers mind even longer. The saying goes “You won’t remember what they did but you will remember how it made you feel”. The more emotions you manage to generate in the consumer, the longer it will stay in their memories. 
  • Improving the brand perception. This happens when values and brand humanisation are the subjects of a campaign, managing to improve the perception of the brand which is now closer and more personal. 
  • Recommendation is promoted since loyal customers usually become brand ambassadors without realising it. 

Examples of emotional marketing campaigns 

Now, you know the advantages of emotional marketing and the right strategy to use, here are some marketing campaigns which have been able to implement this tactic in their campaigns to connect with the consumer. 

  1. The Spanish Christmas lottery. Each year, the lottery ad is one of the most anticipated. In 2014 the company launched a campaign with the slogan “The biggest prize is sharing it” it tells the story of Antonio and Manuel, the owner of a bar and one of his customers. Watch the story here:
  1. Coca Cola. In 2011, Coca-Cola launched a spot titled “Reasons to believe”. This advertisement intends to reflect that even though there is bad in the world, we must not forget that there are also good people who carry out good actions and contribute to creating a better world. 
  1. Estrella Damm. Since launching their first spot “Formentera” in 2009, each summer this company has published a different advertisement under the motto “Mediterraneamente”, where they show different scenarios in the Balearic Islands and the east coast of Spain. 

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