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Being an intern during the Covid-19 pandemic

Many interns come and work with u and learn at Zink. The group of interns we have today has adapted perfectly to this new normality, working remotely and during strange times. They couldn't have done it better, which is why we wanted to ask their
Emotional Marketing

Emotional Marketing: How To Do it Right

Nowadays we are so saturated with information and marketing campaigns, emotional marketing has taken a step forward. Emotional Marketing strategies are used by companies with the objective to create an impact and generate emotions for the spectator.  If you want to learn more about these marketing strategies and discover some of the most well-known campaigns stay

estadísticas Google

What is a Google Penalty and how can we avoid them?

Google Penalties are a punishment imposed on webpages for not following their webmaster guidelines. These penalties can be very harmful to our website’s organic traffic since they drop their position on search results and Google partner websites or, in the case of serious offenses, Google


The impact of COVID-19 on Digital Marketing

We discuss why those companies investing in digital marketing will be more successful in the course and after the COVID-19 crisis. There are sectors which benefit and others which will lose from the current pandemic. As with any kind of crisis, companies will need to


Voice searches: 7 SEO strategies for 2020

The number of voice searches has undergone exponential growth and SEO strategies, especially those in the hospitality sector, have been redefined. Every day, hour, and minute, the number of people using voice searches is increasing. The current figure is that 20% of searches from mobile