Organization of promotional events: the advantages

At a time when society is saturated with endless types of instant information and mass advertising on and offline, events are a very concrete and advisable way to communicate and impact our target directly and with a remarkable memory of the message.

This type of strategic communication tool has become a great way to bring together the target audience of our brand, as well as ambassadors and influencers of the sector, who create buzz about the product we want to promote and our brand. In this case, Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé and its dealer AUTOVIDAL.

Presentation of a new product of the luxury sector: the model of Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé in Mallorca.

On 23rd September ZINK carried out the presentation of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé at the AUTOVIDAL dealer, in order to achieve the following objectives:

1) To strengthen ties with the current clientele and communicate new products and brand values:

A well-planned and executed event is probably the most effective marketing tool in any Brand Experience strategy: The consumer will forget what you said or did, but the consumer will never forget how you made him feel …

We managed to summon a large part of the exclusive clientele of the brand, and we organized an original and lively party where fashion was the protagonist.

The excuse? A couture parade with brands and designers that shared values with the latest Mercedes brand: the GLC Coupé with a dynamic, versatile design with clear lines and sensual that convey a very current concept of luxury.

2) Capture leads

Without a doubt, we have to take action and find a reason why our guests, both customers and potential, want to if or if, attend the event. Maybe it’s the theme, or maybe they’re interested in the invited public, music, staging, created environment … We are in charge of finding that reason why our future client, will want to attend our event, the reason why Which will invest its valuable time and move to live an experience that will remember and comment with potential clients.

3) Increase the reputation of the brand. 

We created an event and an experience, where the brand was subtly and calculatedly present in every corner, every element, every action and every mention …

In short, promotional events are a prominent marketing tool because of their relevance in terms of consumer impact, recall and notoriety. The secret lies in its planning and execution; Nothing can be left to chance, each step must be thought, measured and perfectly realized. And the originality, creativity, and professionalism of the dedicated team will be the keys to guaranteeing success and excellent ROI.

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